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Toxic Waste

Toxic Waste

D.S.M. Asbestos Consultants Ltd are also experienced in handling many other toxic substances. The following outlines some of the materials we deal with which may be of help to you.

1). Wood / MDF dust particles

It has become apparent substances such as wood and MDF are posing hazards to the people that use them and the people who frequent workshops etc were these products are used. Surfaces and atmospheres in such places are now being subject to current E.H. 40 Environmental and H.S.E. Guidelines and require decontamination to fall in line with these guidelines.

2). Bird / Pigeon Fowling

This type of fowling contains many harmful bacteria, viral spores and micro-organisms which can contribute to eyes, nose, chest and skin infections. Our programme of works dealing with these substances removes all visible deposits and then treats remaining areas with powerful bactericides and fungicides.

3). Control of substances hazardous to health (C.O.S.H.H.)

Within our scope of works we are able remove all unwanted, damaged and degraded chemical substances and dispose of safely to recognised and licensed disposal sites. If any items or substances are required to be kept by the client, then these will be assigned C.O.S.H.H. paper work for the control of information purposes.

4). Lead, arsenic, mercury and heavy metal decontamination and removal

Removal and decontamination involves using bags or drums in which to dispose of these substances followed by an environmental clean, a dust particle and / or smear test of all working surfaces.

5). Duct cleaning services.

It is now taken for granted that sick building syndrome is a real problem in modern day office blocks etc. the symptoms of this modern day menace is quite often due to the types of air management plant utilised within these buildings. Badly kept ductwork systems which supply heating / air conditioning have been responsible for the spread of problems such as sick building syndrome all the way up to legionnaires disease.