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D.S.M. Asbestos Consultants Ltd have dedicated time, money and effort into developing a comprehensive set of database systems.

The Asbestos Property Survey System is developed to allow a surveyor to record data regarding the building being inspected including photographs, types of asbestos found and locations etc.

This can be used either for a single building or a complete site where several buildings exist, with each building itself being split into floors and rooms so that each area is easily identified for the purpose of managing the asbestos contained within. For more information see our AAPSS Page.

The Complete Asbestos Management System provides Site Managers, Owners and Agents a complete tool for managing their asbestos risk. With the ability to import our own AAPSS survey data or manually enter non AAPSS data this is one of the most flexible and powerful solutions available today. For more information see our ACAMS Page.

To get a copy of the Installation CD for yourself please use our enquiry form and specify that you require a database CD.